Terms of sale

1) All items in our various catalogs and on our website are referenced
    for information. The entity of this catalog is not yet on the site, and thus the Articles do not appear to be ordered by mail.
2) Their availability depends only concerned publishers who may be at any time out of stock or have decided to delete one or more references to their own catalogue.Le This catalog is valid in titles & prices until the next edition.
3) All orders are processed in chronological order of arrival.
4) Delivery times are as specified below:
   a) Complete control: immediate shipment.
   b) Incomplete command: shipping related according to the return on stock of the item  missing.
5) Shipping: Colissimo (package tracking) recommended and declared value, in any case make reservations at the package was handed to mitigate theft and damage incurred during shipment.
6) There is no shipping on Saturday / Sunday and holidays.
7) How to order:
   a) on the website in secure settlement:www.jcrmusicnews.com
   b) by mail: at the address listed above.
   c) by telephone: Monday to Saturday: 10 to 19.
8) Method of payment accepted: credit card voucher-warrant.
9) Information:
   a) by email:jcrmusicnews@jcrmusicnews.com 
   b) by mail: at the address listed above.
   c) by telephone: Monday to Saturday: 10 to 19.
10) All orders are final.
11) Article faulty: standard replacement after we agree otherwise.
12) CAUTION: the titles and rates contained in this catalog are available according to the stock of the publishers involved and valid until the next edition of catalog.
13) Given the increase in payment by check returned unpaid, we are obliged to collect them before shipping, thus the time Delivery will be extended until the bank clarification.


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