Good Times Bad Times (3 DVD IMPORT ZONE 2 + livre)

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With an astonishing 300 million albums sold Led Zeppelin are quite simply one of the most successful groups in rock music history.

This powerful independent retrospective of the band features an in-depth critique of their debut album, plus a comprehensive biography of the band.

Drawing on rare footage of Led Zeppelin in performance, these powerful and penetrating DVDs feature the impartial and forthright views of a leading team of critics and working musicians who analyse the music. We also hear from writer Mick Wall, who travelled with the band aboard the infamous Starship and spent many hours with Jimmy Page, and Led Zeppelin's not-to-be-messed-with manager Peter Grant.

The book includes a complete history of Led Zeppelin in the words of the band and its critics, and features a track-by-track analysis of every Zeppelin recording, broadcast and film performance ever released.


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Good Times Bad Times (3 DVD IMPORT ZONE 2 + livre)

Good Times Bad Times (3 DVD IMPORT ZONE 2 + livre)

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